I want you to find joy.

Your depression is not just a chemical imbalance.

About 20 years ago, suddenly I became sad for no reason at all.

I spent years not living, I was simply surviving...

Over my 20 year battle with depression I have experimented with my body, tried many treatment methods, and put in countless hours of research to find my cure

You have probably been told...

  1. Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain
  2. You can talk your way out of it in endless therapy appointments 
  3. You are helpless against your depression
Have you been lied to?

Let me tell you a secret...

This debilitating disease is NOT in your head...it has been hiding in your body all along. 

Over my 20 year battle with depression I have tried and experimented with my own body, many treatment methods, and countless hours of research to find my cure.

Give me a solution!


My course is the cliff notes to my 20 year journey. I am going to tell you the true reason you are depressed. It is that easy.


Biohack your health

Tame your hangry beast

You are what you absorb

Shed the light on Vitamin D

Chronic pain and you

Exercise for your body and mind

Your therapist might be onto something

Turn on your brain

Detox your life

Defeat my depression!


“Trying to figure out how to heal my body and mind was overwhelming and stressful to me.  There is so much information out there and I didn't know where to start. After talking with Carly for the first time I felt like I had a clear direction and I was excited about it!  Carly works with me through my ups and downs and adjusts her recommendations specifically to my needs. She knows more than I could ever research on my own. Her wealth of knowledge is incredible.  But, almost more importantly for me, Carly listens to me and genuinely cares. It is so clear that she wants me to be successful in my health journey and she will help me through it all. Carly is incredibly valuable to me.  Having her on my side has helped me heal in more ways than I could ever count.”

Hillary Haynie

“Carly is my go-to for all nutritional issues. Truth is, though, that she supports me in so many more ways. I don't think I've ever met someone who logs information into her knowledge base the way Carly does. Not only does she seem to remember just about everything she has read, researched, or learned but she assimilates it in a way that addresses my individual needs. There is no cookie-cutter approach with Carly. I feel listened to, understood and completely attended to. Her no-nonsense recommendations and adjustments are based on my body, my being, my environment. I think she is a modern-day medicine woman... every day is better with Carly in it.

Jan Ruskin

"I am so grateful to have an intuitive, deeply intelligent, insightful guide in Carly. I am all about customization and speaking to MY unique body, chemistry, needs. Carly listens, consults, brainstorms, experiments with me - all to find my highest health. Especially these days as I enter the twists & turns of 50 something wellness challenges, I need Carly more than ever. Her holistic and leading edge approach creates my best path forward."

Amy Musson

"I cannot recommend Carly Neubert enough! If you are looking for a nutrition coach or simply a clean and healthy way of living life, she is your go to person! She's very knowledgeable and has great resources."  

Erika Lamb

"Carly's commitment to overcoming her own health challenges led her on a quest to find the optimal nutrition and natural solutions to successfully restore her health and vitality. Lucky for us, her investment in researching the ideal foods and best protocols has resulted in her ability to design an individual approach for maximizing health and well being for those she works with.I'm always confident that whatever suggestions Carly makes are backed by her relentless research, education and strong knowledge base. She has been a trusted resource, coach, and ally on my own healing journey and my go-to-person for so many of my nutrition, supplement and health related needs."

L.D. Cage


"Carly removes the guessing. She is qualified to determine what vitamins you should be taking, what brand and which source.. There is so much information about what to eat with a variety of opinions. Should we eat yoghurt, whole wheat bread, meat, eggs? These are just a few items which might or might not be part of your daily diet.

We “spend” more time planning a vacation than trying to understand what to eat and how to exercise. A consultation with Carly will enlighten you to the extent you will be able to make informative decisions.

Isn’t your quality of life worth something?"


Taught by Carly Neubert, BA, NC

Biohacking Diva; Anti-dogma & Pro smart-science and even smarter lifestyle; Metabolically flexible; Born to learn and teach

I survived modern psychiatry and have lived with the scars for over a decade. Having failed the common treatments for depression, anxiety, fatigue and IBS, I arrived at nutrition and lifestyle out of necessity.   Hopped up on medications that were supposed to help me, every breath seemed as though I were gasping for air---literally and figuratively. Everything changed in a moment and within the crucible of decision. I decided to take my life and my health into my own hands and into my own intellect.  As R.S. Grey proclaimed: “She believed she could, so she did.” And so I did, and so I continue to do because I’m convinced of the power in belief. I’ve studied formally and informally for 2 decades, and my learning will continue until my last breath. I believe in science and I also believe in magic---which is science that we don’t yet understand. I’m a woman, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, mentor, yearner, lover, earner, advocate and an overcomer of depression, anxiety, family trauma, Lyme disease, digestive disease and mold exposure. I’m an expert in depression, hormones, mold exposure, Lyme disease, digestion, and detox and problem-solving. When I’m not biohacking to optimize health, I delight in reading anything except fiction; massaging my dog; dreaming of travels future and past; gardening; eating clean food; swimming in freshwater; thinking about how to accomplish my dreams and planning the next time I go do anything listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! I am NOT recommending that you quit attending therapy or taking your medications. What I teach throughout my course will help you look to your body for solutions to your depression, it is more than a chemical imbalance in your brain.

My intention for offering this course is to help people. We offer scholarships for those who are unable to pay in full for the course. For more information on how to apply, please email [email protected]

Yes, I know this can be awkward. Rest assured that everyone who struggles with depression has very similar, but uniquely personal experiences.  However, this course isn’t like a traditional counseling or therapy session. The live coaching calls can involve sharing your story or questions.  Or you can just remain quiet and listen to what others have to say. We will focus on the physical problems that cause many of our mental and emotional symptoms.

Your doctor is going to tell you what she/he knows to be true. I am going to tell you what I know to be true, what the science is saying. This truth is based on science, research, and experimentation in my own life. These modules are based on an “outside the box” approach, rooted in science.

I know that this course will work for you if you first throw away your misconceptions about depression. You have to forget about the lies you have been told your whole life, and be open to learn how your body influences your depression. Next, like anything in life, you need to truly invest your intentions in the science-based modules and implement them to their fullest extent in order see real improvement and healing.

While I personally fully enjoy the benefits of all of these healing techniques and think that they have the potential to help many people, these are not the solutions I offer in my course. Scroll up a bit to see a detailed list of the topics covered in the modules.

What is stopping you?

Reach out to me and my team at [email protected] to let us know what else we can do to help you take the first step in defeating your depression. 

What are you waiting for?

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Satisfaction guarantee

If you find that after two weeks of the program, this course is not for you, we will offer a full refund.

Learn from Clean Coach Carly on how understanding your body will allow you to defeat your depression!

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